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St Giles’ circa 1956 and surrounding ruins


Short film made about 1956 of St Giles’ and the surrounding ruins. It shows a 360-degree panorama from the roof of a ruined building to the south – site of the Barber Surgeon’s Hall?  Is shows the church very clearly, the desolation of the bombing, a few still recognisable landmarks, and an Underground train running in the open air through the ruins.


The film was taken by the father of Hugh Small who has shared the film, provided the text, and can also be seen in the film, then aged 13.



Slideshow by churchwarden Tim Middleton


One Body, One Faith


PCC member Daniel Gerring discusses OneBodyOneFaith

Palm Sunday 2018


Alex Middleton meets Pancake the donkey

St Luke's and St Giles'


A short slideshow to mark the 50th anniversary of the combined parish of St Luke's and St Giles'

Mollie Munn


Mollie talks to Katharine Rumens and Natasha Krichefski of LSO St Luke's about worship at St Luke's Old Street


Essa Flett wins Cecil Sharp House fiddle contest


Congratulations to Essa Flett, who has won the Cecil Sharp House senior fiddle contest at the London Fiddle Convention 2015. Her winning performance can be seen below.


 Frank Major's tour


The late Frank Major used to give guided tours of the church on Tuesday afternoons. He can be seen here giving an interesting tour to some visitors.

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