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The Season of Lent – including Ash Wednesday (6 March), Mothering Sunday (31 March), Palm Sunday (14 April), Holy Week (from 15 –19 April) and ending on Good Friday. 


Lent may originally have followed Epiphany, just as Jesus’ sojourn in the wilderness followed immediately on his baptism, but it soon became firmly attached to Easter, as the principal occasion for baptism and for the reconciliation of those who had been excluded from the Church’s fellowship for apostasy or serious faults. This history explains the characteristic notes of Lent – self-examination, penitence, self-denial, study, and preparation for Easter, to which almsgiving has traditionally been added.


Now is the healing time decreed

for sins of heart and word and deed,

when we in humble fear record

the wrong that we have done the Lord.

(Latin, before 12th century)


As the candidates for baptism were instructed in Christian faith, and as penitents prepared themselves, through fasting and penance, to be readmitted to communion, the whole Christian community was invited to join them in the process of study and repentance, the extension of which over forty days would remind them of the forty days that Jesus spent in the wilderness, being tested by Satan.


Ashes are an ancient sign of penitence; from the middle ages it became the custom to begin Lent by being marked in ash with the sign of the cross. The calculation of the forty days has varied considerably in Christian history. It is now usual in the West to count them continuously to the end of Holy Week (not including Sundays), so beginning Lent on the sixth Wednesday before Easter, Ash Wednesday. Liturgical dress is the simplest possible. Churches are kept bare of flowers and decoration. Gloria in excelsis is not used. The Fourth Sunday of Lent (Laetareor Refreshment Sunday) was allowed as a day of relief from the rigour of Lent, and the Feast of the Annunciation almost always falls in Lent; these breaks from austerity are the background to the modern observance of Mothering Sunday on the Fourth Sunday of Lent.


As Holy Week approaches, the atmosphere of the season darkens; the readings begin to anticipate the story of Christ’s suffering and death, and the reading of the Passion Narrative gave to the Fifth Sunday its name of Passion Sunday. There are many devotional exercises which may be used in Lent and Holy Week outside the set liturgy. The Stations of the Cross, made popular in the West by the Franciscans after they were granted custody of the Christian sites in the Holy Land, are the best known.


Text from Common Worship

Lent together 2019


Suggestions by members of the congregation as a way of keeping Lent together.


The congregational member will be pleased to hear about your experience of the week.


At the start of Lent


‘Neglected friends and family’ suggested by Mona.


Get in touch with someone with whom your last contact was a hurried note on a Christmas card.


From Sunday 10 March


‘Buy only what you need’ suggested by Cyril.


Resist special offers, all unnecessary purchases and impulse buys. Shop simply for your household and put a tin in the Food Bank box or make a donation to charity with the money you have saved


From Sunday 17 March


‘Buy two bunches of daffodils’ suggested by Doris


One for you and one for a neighbour; even invite yourself in for a cup of tea


From Sunday 24 March


‘Sing for 15 minutes a day’ suggested by Mark


Remind yourself of what lifts your spirits


From Sunday 31 March


‘Get enough sleep’ suggested by Louise W and Cyril


Be in bed by 11.00pm and do not use your phone or the internet in the bedroom


From Sunday 7 April


‘Take a brisk walk for 10 minutes a day’ suggested by John M

Saint Augustine’s Solvitur ambulando


From Sunday 14 April Holy Week


'A week without biscuits, cake or chocolate'


Put a tin in the Food Bank box or make a donation to charity with the money you did not spend


*****Saturday mornings in Lent Ecumenical Study Group*****                    (see details on the Future Events page)

A Lent Antiphon sung by the Anglican Benedictine Sisters at St Mary’s Abbey, West Malling, Kent and by our Choir before the Blessing at the Eucharist on Sundays in Lent.


Of the mother a body prepared, by her tended, flesh given for testing in flesh,

the Son goes to temptation and fasting.

The sinless, sin-bearing and suffering servant, her part the sword-piercing.

Wine falls at the feast.

Is her telling his sign of grape treading is near?

Give again, let him go!

Wheat-bearer let fall to the ground the corn there to die, but the harvest shall come.

Details of all Services and Events from Palm Sunday through Holy Week to Easter Day are available on the Services page of this website. 

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Services and church  opening hours

08.00   Holy Communion (First Sunday in the month)

10.00   Parish Eucharist
16.00   Evening Prayer

Evening Prayer may be cancelled on the Sunday after Christmas and on Easter Day or during August. The service may  also be cancelled if no key holder is available or it may take place in the rectory instead.



08.30 Morning Prayer (Monday-Thursday)


Saturday 6 Aprill  Ecumenical Study Group at St Joseph's Church Hall. Meet at 10.00 for coffee or tea, 10-30-11.30 study period.    


Monthly Private Prayer and Reflection 

These sessions are held on the first Thursday of the month., from 13.00-13.30.

Future Dates,                              

2019 4 April, 2 May, 6 June and 4 July  

Cleaning Angels 

These sessions are normally held on the first Thursday of the month from 13.30-15.00. Some gentle cleaning and tea and cakes at the end.

Future Dates,                               

2019 4 April, 2 May, 6 June and 4 July  


The church is normally open from 11.00-16.00 Monday to Friday.


2019 Dates of PCC meetings in church at 19.30

Tuesday 30 April - *Supper

Tuesday 16 July

Monday    9 September

Tuesday 19-November        at 19.30 in church  

* in the Rectory


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