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We are here to love God and to make Christ known in word and deed. We are an inclusive church and welcome all comers

The Trinity Season (from Trinity Sunday on the           7 June to the Eve of the Fourth Sunday              before Advent, on the 31 October)


For many Christians in the Western Church, Trinity Sunday is celebrated on the first Sunday after Pentecost. It is one of the few feasts that are celebrated as a doctrine rather than an event. Trinity Sunday celebrates the Christian doctrine of the Trinity, the three Persons of God: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.


Go therefore and make disciples of all nations,

baptizing them in the name of the Father

and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit’.          Matthew 28.19


St Giles' October Newsletter


Dear friends,


The weekly Covid letter of creative participation came to an end in July. I realise that this is a pale imitation of those highly original letters, especially for the discerning St Giles’ reader. This is what has been going on over the last days and weeks: less original but probably more informative. Some of you are still unable to be with us on Sunday mornings and to this end we are live streaming the Parish Eucharist for the first time this coming Sunday, 4 October via the St Giles' YouTube channel. We hope you too will feel you are back in church with us.


Alex’s ordination


 Sunday 20 October Alex was ordained priest. Click Here for the YouTube video.


Alex with Bishop Joanne in the churchyard after the Ordination service.

Sunday 27 October Alex presided at the Eucharist for the first time.

We were glad that so many of his family and friends could join him.


Afterwards he was presented with a Prue Cooper plate inscribed with the words, ‘You did not choose me but I chose you, and I appointed you to go out and bear fruit.’


John Marshall made a delicious fruit cake for the celebration

Alex says: I'd like to thank everyone who has been so supportive of me this past 15 months as I have prepared for my Priesting, which took place on the 20th September at St Giles, with my presiding at Holy Communion for the first time last Sunday. It has been a privilege to share this journey with you all and will be something that remains with me for the rest of my ministry.  
Additionally, may I offer thanks for the stunning Prue Cooper plate which was presented to me on Sunday. As mentioned at the time John's Gospel is my favourite Gospel, so to have that famous quote from Chapter 15 just makes it all that more special.  Additionally, the case of wine which I received is also much appreciated, and rest assured has gone to a good home. Deo Gratias!

Diary dates


TONIGHT Wednesday 30 September as well as Wednesdays 14 and 28 October

Home Prayer Group - Lectio Divina 19.30 via Zoom. To join contact Suzanne Royce susanjroyce@gmail.com


Thursday 1 October from 1pm

Private Prayer and Cleaning Angels


28th October and 4th November at 7pm - Our Father Course with Alex


The Our Father course which was running over the summer resumes to complete the final two sessions as we enter the Kingdom Season. The sessions are held on Zoom and the dates for the final two sessions are: the 28th October and 4th November at 7pm, each session lasting around 40 minutes. Please contact Alex directly for login information should you wish to join the course (curate@stgileschurch.com).


Sunday Club

From 10.00 on (closed room) Zoom. Co-ordinator Dave Archer davidjrarcher@hotmail.co.uk


Sundays in October (live-streamed)  Here


4 October Harvest Festival with a Story Sermon for our children.

No food collected at church, please donate directly to Hackney Food Bank or Square Mile Food Bank.

Distribution of the annual Stewardship Letter.


11 October placing of Mollie’s ashes in the Columbarium after the service


18 October John Marshall celebrates a significant birthday with cake and a glass of fizz


25 October Last Sunday of Trinity and get up later Sunday – clocks go back

The Parish Eucharist will live streamed from 4th October – [link on the way]


Sunday 1 November Feast of All Saints and All Souls.

4.00pm A simplified service for the Commemoration of All Souls with the lighting of candles and naming of the dead.



Ecumenical Walk

Saturday, 3 October Ecumenical Creation Prayer Walk, 14.00 – 15.30 in socially-distanced groups of fewer than six, will begin at Wesley's Chapel Garden, proceeding to Fann Street Wild-life Garden, and ending at St. Joseph's Quiet Garden.


Socks of the month

Christopher sported these themed socks for the parish weekend at Othona. Our text was Matthew 6: 25 – 33 ‘Consider the lilies of the field.’ Christopher chose to consider them on two days, once in pink and then in yellow as illustrated here.


Update: 57th Incumbent of St Giles’ Cripplegate and 4th Incumbent of the United Parish St Giles’ Cripplegate with St Luke’s Old Street.

The churchwardens are holding informal discussions (possibly over a glass of wine) about the next incumbent.


In spite of the prevailing practice in the City of London, it will be a requirement that s/he is willing to work on Sundays. Final interviews will be conducted by the Sunday Club.

Harvest in your garden


Richenda’s one sprouting potato: “they were pretty small but still better than nothing and very delicious.”


Peter and Glenda’s display of fruit 


and flowers


   Diana’s planting

Free outdoor exhibition at Guildhall Yard: 3 – 28 October

‘Faith in the City of London’  by Niki Gorick.


Niki was with us in Holy Week 2018 and St Giles’ features several times in the book and this exhibition. 


“Discover the vibrant world of worship and the breadth of faiths regularly practising in the Square Mile in this photography exhibition by Niki Gorick. During the course of over 200 visits to the City’s places of worship and spiritual events, Niki documented a host of activities and charismatic figures existing in historic places alongside some of the world’s largest global companies.”

Strategic Plan update

New floor and new benches and chairs

The second-hand floorboards repurposed for St Giles’ in the post-war refurbishment are to be replaced by white oak boards.


The DAC visiting party have agreed to the disposing of all the pews (except the two ornate ones at the front), the ‘big green table’, the pulpit and the double-sided lectern.


Gwen has produced this timetable which, we trust, will mean we will have the new furniture for Easter.


Faculty for Nave Floor                                                  04/11/2020

Faculty for Furniture                                                     10/11/2020

Confirm Furniture Order                                               11/11/2020

Delivery of Howe Chairs                                               07/01/2021

Delivery of Treske St. Mary Benches and Armchairs   02/04/2021

Delivery of Treske Chancel Furniture                           02/04/2021

Specification of oak floor including sample to be approved

by John Marshall asap

Install new floor                                                             14/01/2021

Remove pulpit, table, pews and other items                 25/11/2020

Giving a bench, giving a chair


Thank you to those of you who have already donated a bench or chair in celebration of the life of a loved one, or for some other commemoration. 


Benches are £1,000, 


Chairs £500.


Inscription up to 40 characters. Details from Jake (admin@stgileschurch.com)

Mark Catesby memorial panel

Caroline and Lorna are nearing the completion of this second window panel, details of work in progress.


The finished panel

Othona 4-6 September 2020


We planned to go in July and were able to postpone our visit when space became available. The sun shone and we sat outside for David and Susan’s sessions on ‘Do not worry…consider the birds of the air and lilies of the field. Even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.’


The sun shone and we sat outside, 


for David and Susan’s sessions on ‘Do not worry…consider the birds of the air and lilies of the field. Even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.’

We admire the art work created during Susan’s session.


There was swimming 

and walking, eating and drinking, catching up and sitting in the sun. On the Sunday we were able to use the chapel for the Eucharist.


May the God of love be with us





St Giles' Parish Office

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St Giles’ Church

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A message from Reverend Katharine Rumens

Yesterday I announced that I shall be leaving St Giles’ in May 2021. I rejoice in my years of ministry among you and look forward to the next months as you begin to prepare for a time of transition and new beginnings. I am leaving London for Salisbury and the opportunities of retirement in the city I grew up in.  

May the God of love protect and guide us.




14 September 2020 

Tweets from St Giles Cripplegate @stgilescg

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The 10.00 Eucharist is in church as well as live-streamed click here


Sunday 25  October          

Trinity 20 

10.00 Parish Eucharist 

There will be orders of service and printed copies of the readings set out safely in the pews. If you would prefer to use an iPad or phone, please download at Services


Watch the Ordination of our Curate Alex Norris and other Ordinands in the Diocese of London at St Giles’ by Bishop Joanne, Bishop of Stepney


Weekday Services

08.30 Morning Prayer (Monday to Thursday in the Chancel)



28 October and 11 November

Home Prayer Group - Lectio Divina 19.30 via Zoom. To join contact Suzanne Royce susanjroyce@gmail.com


21 October and 4 November at 19.00 - Last two sessions of the Our Father Course. contact Alex to join the course   curate@stgileschurch.com


The church is open for private prayer

The church is open from 11.00-16.00 Monday-Friday for private prayer. Please observe social distancing and any other instructions required when visiting the church.


Private Prayer and Reflection on first Thursday of the month 

You are invited to join others in church on the first Thirsday of the month. Please bring the monthly prayer sheet with you. If you are not able to join us, we hope you will continue to pray with us wherever you are.

Future Dates  5 November and 3 December


Cleaning Angels

The monthly sessions on the first Thursday of the month from 13.30-15.00. 

Future Dates  5 November and 3 December


2020 Dates of PCC meetings in church at 19.30 

Monday 23 November


Parish Office Opening Hours

Mon-Fri 11.00-16.00

Tel: 020 7638 1997  

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