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We are here to love God and to make Christ known in word and deed. We are an inclusive church and welcome all comers

The Easter Cross sent by our ecumenical friends at nearby Jewin Welsh Church with the message ‘Easter Blessings to you all’


      Season of Easter (Easter Day 12 April)            including  Ascension (21 May) and      Pentecost (or Whit Sunday 31 May)


The Great Fifty Days of Eastertide form a single festival period in which the tone of joy created at the Easter Vigil is sustained through the following seven weeks, and the Church celebrates the gloriously risen Christ:


Triumphant in his glory now,

his sceptre ruleth all,

earth, heaven and hell before him bow,

and at his footstool fall.                  (Fulbert of Chartres)


In those places where the custom of lighting the Easter Candle at the beginning of Easter is followed, the lit Candle stands prominently in church for all the Eastertide services. The Alleluia appears frequently in liturgical speech and song. Morning Prayer begins with the traditional collection of Pauline texts known as the Easter Anthems, and white or gold vestments and decorations emphasize the joy and brightness of the season.


On the fortieth day there has from the late fourth century been a particular celebration of Christ’s ascension. He commissions his disciples to continue his work, he promises the gift of the Holy Spirit, and then he is no longer among them in the flesh. The ascension is therefore closely connected with the theme of mission. The arrival of the promised gift of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost completes and crowns the Easter Festival.


From Common Worship


A message from Reverend Katharine Rumens


Sunday 24 May Easter 7



O God the King of glory,

you have exalted your only Son Jesus Christ

with great triumph to your kingdom in heaven:

we beseech you, leave us not comfortless,

but sent your Holy Spirit to strengthen us

and exalt us to the place where our Saviour Christ is gone before,

who is alive and reigns with you

in the unity of the Holy Spirit,

one God, now and for ever




Acts 1: 6 – 14

John 17: 1 – 11


Please watch theSt. Giles' YouTube Channel   

at 10:00 for our Sunday Service.


This will be followed at 10:30 by a virtual coffee morning conducted via Zoom. Those of you with webcams can follow this event by using the linkVirtual coffee morning 

(Also possible by telephone: +44 203 481 5240, meeting ID: 860 8348 9889 Password; 628503) 


We look forward to seeing you!


Sunday Club is on half-term this week

Sunday Club meets on Sundays at 10.00 on (closed room) Zoom. Co-ordinator Dave Archer davidjrarcher@hotmail.co.uk


Wednesday evenings


Praying together with Lectio Divina 

27 May at 19.30 on Zoom. For details email Wendy Ellis wlellis@hotmail.com for details.  


Studying together

3 June  at 19.30

Join Alex’s bi-weekly course on the Lord’s Prayer on Zoom. Contact him,curate@stgileschurch.com if you would like to join the session.    


Friday evenings

Compline at 20.30, available on St. Giles' YouTube Channel


Keeping in touch

Tim Passey’s WhatsApp group

Contact timpassey@gmail.com if you would like to join.

Sunday Club last week

Numbers 21

We learnt how the Israelites spent 40 years in the desert before reaching the Promised Land. Using Google Maps, we were shown the route the Israelites should have taken, and the very long journey that God took them on instead, which He used to test their resolve. We also heard how the Israelites became bored and complained, and God sent a plague of snakes. Moses listened to God’s instructions and made a bronze snake, which cured the snakebites of all who looked at it. 

We learnt how the symbol of the snake is used by the World Health Organisation and why that is relevant at this time.

For the activity, the children were given five minutes to draw the plague of snakes.


Melody and 

and Myles drew these amazing, vivid pictures.


Regular giving – a thank you and a reminder

Your regular giving has never been more important to us. Our running costs, including the payment of the Common Fund, continue. Please support us if you can. If you don’t already do so, please consider making your donations to St Giles’ by a monthly, quarterly or an annual Standing Order or by BACS. Standing order mandates and gift aid declarations are available from our website www.stgilescripplegate.com and administrator. admin@stgilescripplegate.com Thank you.


Faith in the City of London’ by Niki Gorick published by Unicorn Publishing as recommended by Christopher Gadsden at zoom coffee time. Niki spent time with us over a number of weeks last year. Her book is now available online from both Waterstones and Amazon. Unicorn are also offering it at a discounted rate on their own website: Unicorn Publishing

Thursday 21 May Ascension Day and the arrival of the light fittings: Alleluia


Barry and Tom are back on site along with 180 cardboard boxes



Unpacking the boxes and preparing to install the fittings



2 light fittings on the organ loft


A huge thank you

Each year the PCC donates 10% of income from commercial bookings to charity. Refugees at Home is one of the charities we are supporting this year.

'A huge thank you to the St Giles' 'congregation for the very generous donation to Refugees at Home. It was wonderful to receive such a kind gift and we are very grateful.'



St Giles’ vegetable gardeners

Brian and Anne have decided that the Good Life is not just for suburbia, and that vegetable gardens can be created by flat dwellers in window boxes. We await the  Broccoli and sprouts           arrival of the chickens and a goat.


Brian says: ‘We’ve been growing tomatoes in our window boxes for a few years and while they are big and red they don’t have much flavour. So we decided to have a go at green veg. Also, this year we thought there might be a veg shortage because of COVID-19.  And - there’s really nothing like home-grown veg for flavour and texture. We take no notice about using seed trays and then transplanting seedlings. We sprinkle the seeds straight into the window boxes and they just grow from there.’


Interesting too to see the greenery in the ‘igloos’ on the Barbican lake.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Spring onions

Meanwhile beyond the Barbican, Amanda (D) reports

'Eric's beans planted around Easter are doing well. (We put him in charge of beans as he played Jack in a show last year.) 


Although I think any passing giant might prefer to set up shop in the cabbage which is shooting up!'


Jigsaw news

Researchers have discovered that people approach doing jigsaws in different ways – something we probably would not have been able to fathom for ourselves: basically this means either first joining up all the bits round the edges or diving in and hoping for the best. They also questioned whether there such a thing as jigsaw rage? Who gets to add the final piece? Or sneakily hiding key pieces.


We suspect no such foul play from Patricia and Roger taming a jigsaw picture taken from their Seddon House home – after dark with lots of shadowy bits in black.


Keri and Alex also like a challenge. Their jigsaw experience is, ‘More than just a jigsaw puzzle this is a murder mystery waiting to be solved. 1 Read the story included and assemble the unseen puzzle. 2. Piece together the clues from the story and puzzle to solve the crime.’ The sneaky hiding of key pieces may well lead to a frosty atmosphere but probably not to murder.

Our news from the Sunday Virtual Coffee Meetings 


Gail announced that she is now Swab Queen and manages Swabgate for NHS.


As a Board Member of City of London Healthwatch, Malcolm has been reading up on NHS organisation. There are three of them left in his Japanese class.


There is equal division of domestic tasks in Elizabeth’s household.


Susan is conducting webinars on planning in a time of uncertainty. When not busy with their jigsaw.


Roger and Patricia have got their bikes out and ride along the tow path.


Penny has a rich virtual life including bell ringing with ringers in South Africa and Australia. Ros and Simon are in paradise surrounded by roses.


Tom can tutor you in Maths,


 and Cyril continues to bake (and eat) bread and cakes.


Mollie now has carers in three times a day every day; she has taken up knitting again and she and David say Morning Prayer together on Sunday mornings.


Dorothy doesn’t have singing students at the moment so is living in ‘rough togs’. She and the dog are getting out for a daily walk.


Diana continues to keep watch on Thomas More Garden and marvels at Grace and Lorraine’s press-ups.


Christopher and Mo are supporting City Music Foundation’s young musicians during the pandemic and encourage you to add your support City Music Foundation 


Parish Magazines 1976

Brent Cross is opened and Concorde takes to the skies.


Meanwhile local shopkeepers advertise their quality wares:


‘Barbican Supermarket’ Podium London Wall for the finest range of high class groceries’


In Goswell Road, find The Barbican high class fruiterers and greengrocers.


 In Whitecross Street,  pop into The Cosy Fish Bar – clean food shop for Best Quality Only fish and chips.


More best quality only at The Cake Shop – it’s the best!


And Bill’s Fishmonger and Poulterers in Banner Street are Quality Haddock Curers and Fishmongers.


If you couldn’t face doing all that shopping for food, Ravello Restaurant recommends its -  Very Friendly Atmosphere.


Controversial item of the year

Why don’t we have “women sidesmen”? Is there any reason why we should not have ladies on this duty list any more than on others?


Possibly because muddle-headed ladies couldn’t be relied on to give out the right orders of service and would be incapable of counting the collection without manly intervention.


Super Sleuth Slater Snaps City Surroundings

Where is this?


Wild guesses and accurate sightings to Lewis at lewis.slater@hotmail.com


Lewis’s mystery image last week


The pavement in Plantation Lane. Lewis's research reveals that Giles is the patron saint of horses and forests. 



Community News

RADIO LOCAL IN CULTURE MILE 30 May – 12 June 1-2pm

We'd love you to take part in our pop-up radio station…

Radio Local in Culture Mile is a hyper-local radio station broadcasting to the world from 30 May – 12 June 2020, every day from 1-2pm.


Tune in and build the show with us. We need to know your Local Heroes, we need your Jingles, your Banter, your Problems, your Dating status, your Families, your News and your Chat.


Presenters Hunt & Darton will be broadcasting hour-long daily shows featuring people from across Culture Mile. Responding to people and place during this extraordinary time, Radio Local revels in staying at home, resilience and our sense of place.


Are you a group, live or work locally within the Culture Mile?

Then follow this link  to find out how you can be involved, share the opportunities, so we can participate and listen in together to help bring this radio station to life!



website: www.culturemile.london/news/radiolocalcallout

email: Radiolocal.culturemile@gmail.com

A Doctor Writes

Dear Readers,

Your comments and suggestions, most of which I choose to ignore, continue to flood through the letterbox. I note that many of you have “cc’d” these to the QCQ which may explain the emergency inspection of the Surgery this week. A harrowing and unpleasant experience believe you me. I will report back on this anon.


But life must go on, and what better place to see life flourishing than in the garden. Many of you have consulted me on this subject recently, obviously unaware of my lack of knowledge in this field and my lack of success in years gone by at the Barbican Agricultural Show. Sadly, this will not be taking place this year, but we can all be digging away in our window boxes and on our balconies.


Some of you will have heard, “through the grapevine” as the viticulturists amongst you say, that my attempts at composting have not been entirely successful. I have apologised to my neighbours in the surrounding flats for the smell emanating from my own. Believe you me, if it was bad where they were, they should take a deep inhalation in number 101. Consequently, I abandoned this and ordered in a supply of manure. Unfortunately, I overestimated my requirements and again I apologise for the bags, especially those that have been opened, now stacked outside my front door. I will remove these asap.


My rambling roses have always attracted much comment, not always complimentary it has to be said. This year they appear to have rambled a little too far. Mentioning no names, I have received a complaint from Capability Middlemarch – the cheeky chappie who plays his music very loudly four floors below mine – who claims that stepping out onto his balcony now requires the use of a chainsaw. Last night I caught him abseiling up the building with a pair of pruning shears, but I was too late to stop him. I plan to retaliate with runner beans, if my conscience will allow.


Returning to my own flat, the kitchen garden is flourishing as is the wild garden that I sowed in the bathroom last year. However, a word of warning to those of you planning the same - beware of nettles in the seed packets now available and beware of Japanese Knot Weed. I now take a shower armed with a machete, as well as soap and sponge.


On the subject of watering systems, take great care. I awoke two days ago to find myself floating within touching distance of the ceiling. I had little option but to swim to the front door and open it before the flat was completely engulfed. I then witnessed a raging torrent sweeping down the corridor taking with it not only half the contents of my flat but also Canon Kenny who was apparently leafleting the block with his “Stay Alert during the Sermon” flyers. Canon Kenny was disgorged into the Barbican ponds but there has been no trace of my Habitat 1960’s Sofa. If there are any sightings, please do let me know.


The Surgery has its own “Stay Alert” campaign in relation to geranium filled plant pots plummeting from Barbican window boxes. Dear readers, “Stay Alert”, wear those safety helmets, keep washing your hands and sow seeds of hope and joy where you can.


Dr. Lauderdale Spratt MB BS MRCP MRCS MRCGP MRCPsych (failed)


The guest appearance last week was by Christabel Pankhurst

May the God of love go with us.





Jake Kirner



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Sunday 24 May    Easter 7

Please watch the

St. Giles' YouTube Channel

at 10.00 for our Sunday Service. 

This will be followed at 10:30 by a virtual coffee morning conducted via Zoom. Those of you with webcams can follow this event by using this link Virtual coffee morning

Also possible by telephone: +44 203 481 5240, meeting ID: 860 8348 9889 Password; 628503 

We look forward to seeing you!


Future Events Calendar

With the current coronavirus emergency, we have removed the services and events from March to June that have been cancelled and will update this and other parts of our website on a week by week basis.See our Home page for weekly updates to our changed activities.


The Annual Parochial Church Meeting that was to take place on Sunday 29 April has been postponed to Sunday 13 September.

The 2019 Annual Report is availabe on the  Future Events  page.  


A message from Reverend Katharine Rumens

Dear Friends,

As we say to one another, these are strange times and we are having to find a new pattern of living and praying together. The Archbishops have directed that all churches are to be shut for a season. This does not mean that prayer will cease as we develop new ways to pray together. 
Please look out for your neighbour. Thank you to those who have volunteered to do shopping and errands for the socially isolated. Let me know if you need help and the churchwardens and I will ask someone to be in touch with you.
Finally, we know there is an unprecedented demand on food banks at the moment. We have been asked not to hold a collection outside Waitrose. Instead please put donations of food and toiletries in the box by the checkout or make an online donation to www.hackneyfoodbank.org.uk

At this time
With prayers



Thursday 4 June 13.00 to 13.30 Private Prayer and Reflection 

Instead of meeting in church we wil continue to pray together from 13.00-13.30 on the first Thursday of the month.  It remains a set time to pray for our community and the wider world, knowing that others are praying with us. Our silent prayers conclude at 13.30 with all saying the Lord's Prayer. See the Services page for our monthly biblical text from the lectionary and suggestions for prayer. 


Cleaning Angels

The monthly sessions on the first Thursday of the month have been cancelled for the time being.  


Installation of new lighting

The new lighting system cannot completed for the time being because of a delay in the delivery of light fittings from Italy and the closure of the church.


2020 Dates of PCC meetings in church at 19.30 

Tuesday 15 September

 Monday 23 November


Parish Office Opening Hours

Mon-Fri 11.00-16.00

Tel: 020 7638 1997  

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